Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Losing What Never Was

Every now and again I stumble upon this beauty. It makes my heart ache something awful. I vividly remember pining after the Playmates Classic Star Trek set of the original crew in a window display box, which was a cardboard diorama of the bridge. I used to stare at the add on the back of one of my Star Trek magazines which read, "We've just beamed them down." The possibilities of countless adventures ran rampant through my mind.
My Grandmother knew me probably better than anyone at that time, and at Christmas, I got the set; the seven Starfleet officers in all their colorful and articulated beauty! They were mine!
These figures did not disappoint! I couldn't even begin to count the hours I spent playing with them, although, the time warp games when they met the TNG crew were always the best! The Playmates figures were such high quality, my children now play with the same Star Trek toys I had in my youth (and the joints are still tight). That milestone of childhood was a success... until of course, I grew older, and this thing called the "internet" became available. You could see thing you never knew even existed! Unfortunately, I stumbled upon photos of the unproduced prototype of the Playmates Classic Star Trek bridge playset...
Suddenly my childhood memories were retrofitted with a number of what-ifs. The inconsolable loss of something I never had was almost unbearable. Those memories were never to be had. However, there may now be a glimmer of hope on the horizon. Biff Bang Pow and Super 7 recently introduced their ReAction toy line, compiled of numerous simply sculpted vintage-style 3.75" scale figures, reminiscent of the 1980s Kenner Star Wars figures. Thus far we have seen a plethora of toys released, including Alien, Back to the Future, The Goonies, Terminator, Predator, and more!
Included in all the licenses they've acquired, the original Star Trek television series is among them. Now, it wouldn't be in Playmates scale, and it would likely be reminiscent of something produced in the '80s, but classic Trek figures with a bridge playset would be absolutely to die for! Forget Alien egg chambers, give me the Enterprise any day! While we haven't seen anything from ReAction related to Star Trek as of yet, I'm holding out hope.